Valo Bath sauna

  • New at Thermen Bussloo!
  • 60° Celsius
  • More than 400 points of light

The Valo bath sauna takes its name from the Finnish word ‘valo’, meaning light. In this sauna you enjoy a shimmering starry sky, in which more than four hundred points of light gradually change colour. Every colour has a beneficial effect on body and spirit.

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The Valo bath sauna is scented with wonderfully aromatic essential oil, which is combined with warm water to trickle over a granite ball above the heat source. The temperature in the Valo bath sauna is 60°C. The humidity is approximately 40%. This makes the Valo bath sauna an ideal place to start a series of saunas.


The colours in this sauna influence your well-being. If you are surrounded by reddish hues, your blood circulation benefits. Yellow has a relaxing effect. Green lighting opens your bronchi and shades of blue are conducive for night sleep.

The Valo bath sauna is on the new sauna square that opened in 2013. With its stylish combination of black marble, natural wood, stainless steel and open access to the garden of Thermen Bussloo, this square creates a pleasant and serene atmosphere.


Essential oils are strongly aromatic, volatile oils extracted from different parts of a plant. A single plant can sometimes contain several types of essential oil. Unlike chemical oils, essential oils are a relatively expensive commodity. However, it only takes a few drops to disseminate a pleasant scent throughout the sauna. This intense but pleasing aroma has a positive effect on mood and relaxation and consequently helps alleviate physical complaints among sauna goers.

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