Rose sauna

  • 65 - 70° Celsius
  • Relaxing harp music

On the sauna square you can find the Rose sauna, a small, romantic sauna. Rosettes of roses feature in the cedar walls and alcoves decorated with roses hold burning candles. A copper kettle filled with rose petals stands on the heat source, emitting a calming, mild, sweet scent.

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The temperature in the Rose sauna is about 65 - 70°C. The calming pink glow of pink quartz opens the heart chakra, making one receptive to love and beauty and therefore promoting harmonious relationships and self-acceptance. Pink quartz also helps the spirit process sadness and open up blockades.


The special harp music of harpist Mechteld Karlien de Jongh will put you completely at ease in this sauna. As Mechteld Karlien has said: ‘music penetrates to the depths of the soul and pushes through to somewhere else without words, a somewhere else that cannot be contained in words, but that answers the quiet with silence.’

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