Kelo Earth sauna

  • 100 °: Our hottest sauna!
  • Wood-fired sauna
  • Houtgestookte sauna

Against an earthen embankment outside in the beautiful garden of Thermen Bussloo, you will find this intimate Kelo earth sauna with a naturally planted green roof. The high temperature (up to 100 ºC) makes this sauna a particularly pleasant experience for experienced sauna guests. A wood fire burns and the dimmed light creates an intimate atmosphere in the sauna.

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How long you stay in the sauna, sitting or reclining, is up to you, but it is a good idea to cool off after no more than fifteen minutes. So as not to lose track of time, there are thermometers on the sauna walls which let you keep track of how long you have been in the sauna. You are of course free to leave the sauna as soon as you would like to return to the fresh air. The main thing is for you to feel comfortable. Because hot air rises, the spots on the lower benches in a sauna are the least warm. If you like to lie down in the sauna, we advise that you sit upright for a few minutes before leaving the sauna so that your body gradually cools off just a little bit before you leave the sauna.


The Earth sauna is made of Scandinavian Kelo wood tree trunks that are at least a hundred years old. The fine structure makes Kelo tree trunks dry and hard. This enables them to trap the heat and keep the atmosphere in the sauna constant. During their growth, the natural drying of the wood has caused the tree trunks to lose their bark, revealing the beautifully smooth and aged look and feel of the wood.

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  • Frequently asked questions

    What time does the tour take place?
    Non-stop tours starting from the sauna square are provided by our sauna square employees throughout the day.
    Is Thermen Bussloo wheelchair accessible?
    Thermen Bussloo is wheelchair accessible (with the exception of the whirlpools and steps in the baths).
    Can I still reserve treatments when I arrive?
    If you want to be certain of a treatment, we advise that you reserve the treatment in advance. If you are not yet certain whether you want a particular treatment, or you are unsure which treatment you want, you can also reserve a treatment upon arrival (if available)