Largest Aufguss sauna in the Netherlands!


Kelo Aufguss sauna

  • 80 - 90° Celsius
  • Unique Aufguss rituals daily
  • Largest Aufguss sauna in the Netherlands!
  • Theme Aufguss rituals

The Kelo Aufguss sauna, the largest Aufguss sauna in the Netherlands, is an impressive outdoor sauna. Various Aufguss rituals take place here daily, conducted by one or two sauna masters. Despite the many seats, the atmosphere inside is intimate and sauna guests find the Aufguss rituals in this sauna particularly pleasant. The temperature in the Aufguss sauna is 80 - 90°C.

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During the pouring ritual, a sauna master pours a large quantity of water containing essential oils on the heat source. The sudden evaporation of the water releases an intense heat, which the sauna master helps waft throughout the sauna using towels. Amazing aromatic scents fill the sauna and the humidity rises. The body starts to sweat a bit more and circulation to the skin is optimised. When you leave the sauna, you can take a handful of ice shavings to help you cool down. You are also offered a piece of fruit. After the pouring ritual, it is important that you let your body cool off properly and drink plenty of fluids to ensure you rehydrate your body.

Our sauna masters love to surprise the guests with a new theme and different exciting combination of scents, colours and sounds.

Sauna guests can participate in the pouring rituals in the Aufguss sauna at no extra cost. Participation is subject to availability.

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