Infrared sauna with sunbeds

  • Beautiful view of the lake
  • Comfortable sunbeds
  • Positive effect for muscle and joint pain

You will find an infrared sauna both inside on the sauna square and outside on the edge of the garden. The outdoor infrared sauna has arched sunbeds for optimal reclining comfort, directly under the infrared lamps, so that the directed rays from the lamps are focused on you personally and the heat can really sink in. The infrared sauna is a dry sauna.

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The deep penetration of the infrared radiation in this sauna has a positive effect on muscle pain, joint pain and arthritic conditions, but the radiant heat also benefits your heart and blood vessels and your cholesterol levels.


This infrared sauna offers a beautiful view of Bussloo lake. Every season shows its best side to the sauna visitor here. The budding leaves in spring, splashing water birds in summer, the colourful foliage around the lake in autumn and the sparkling frost on the shrubberies in winter let you enjoy this sauna to the fullest.

It is better for your eyes if you refrain from looking at the infrared bulbs too long. Pregnant women and people with a plate, pin or pacemaker are advised not to use this sauna.

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