Experience our unique Salt Crystal Grotto


Himalaya Salt Crystal Grotto

  • 65° Celsius
  • Salt crystals from Nepal
  • Unique sound, colour and scent ritual

Hidden in an earthen embankment in the garden you will find the Himalaya salt crystal grotto. You enter this sauna with its mystical, Eastern atmosphere through a two hundred year-old door from India. In this sauna you are surrounded with purifying air, nourished by minerals released by the heating of special salt crystals imported from Nepal.

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The sauna temperature in the Himalaya salt crystal grotto is about 65º. The degree of humidity here lets you easily breath in the purifying vapours. Salt crystals have a detoxifying effect. This sauna is beneficial for people with bronchial complaints, asthma or hay fever and is healing for people with troubled skin.


Several times each day the Himalaya salt crystal grotto is the setting for the Kailash, a special and unique sound, colour and scent ritual developed by Thermen Bussloo. The Kailash ritual in this sauna carries you along during a pleasantly intense ceremony. This ritual pleasantly relaxes you, together with the other sauna guests on hand, via stimulation of all your senses.


The Kailash ceremony is inspired by the sacred mountain of the same name in India. The meanings and different names of this mountain range from crystal to precious jewel of snow. The mountain is the centre point of rituals, legends and traditions for spiritual beliefs such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism, and is seen by many as the centre of the world.

Sauna guests can participate in the Kailash ritual in the Himalaya salt crystal grotto at no extra cost. Participation is possible subject to availability.

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