Geyser sauna

  • 80° Celsius
  • Unique in the Netherlands!
  • Lose yourself in the Icelandic Geysir region.

In 2012 Thermen Bussloo opened a new sauna experience, an outdoor sauna located at the edge of the garden. We found the inspiration for this unique sauna experience in the therapeutic effect of the water and clay soil around the famous geysers in Iceland. 

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Five geysers that together form a bubbling mixture of steam, water and air, along with atmospheric music and nature footage, transport you to the breathtaking Icelandic Geysir region in the Haukadalur valley, the only place in Europe with active spouting geysers. The comfortable sauna temperature of 85 ºC ensures that this sauna is ideal if you are already somewhat warmed up.

Outside the Geyser sauna are wooden benches where you can have a seat to cool off in the refreshing air. You can also do so on the benches and sunbeds scattered throughout the lovely garden. Or would you rather dip your toes in the cold outdoor plunge bath? This is directly in front of the Geyser sauna.


At set times each day we offer an Indulgence ritual which gives you the opportunity to indulge your skin with a wonderful peeling. Because your pores open up in the heat, the active ingredients can penetrate deep into the skin. This peeling leaves your skin feeling as soft as silk.

You can also enjoy a wonderful face mask. One of the sauna employees will provide you with a delicate facial cream that you can massage gently into your skin. The cream will have the optimal result once you have spent 5-10 minutes in the sauna. Rinse your face with lukewarm water to leave your skin as soft as silk.

* Sauna guests can participate in the rituals in this sauna at no extra cost.

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