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Four Elements sauna

  • Discover the four elements
  • 80 º Celsius
  • 80 º Celsius

The Four elements sauna is an outdoor sauna, located on the edge of the garden. Here you become acquainted with earth, water, fire and air in a special way, incorporated in the themes of rainforest, North Sea, volcano and desert. At a temperature of 80 ºC, lose yourself in the natural interplay of water, warm air, colours and sounds, each time in a different atmosphere. The times at which you can experience these themes are announced at the entrance to this sauna.

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You will experience the intensity of nature via all your senses in this Four elements sauna. The beautiful sounds of nature in the sauna transport you to the overwhelming rainforest, you ‘feel’ the life in and around the North Sea, you experience the peace of the desert or you find yourself among forceful volcanic eruptions. You see and hear the drops of water falling around the sauna heat source, for instance.

You will notice that listening to breathtaking music and sounds from nature has an exceptionally relaxing effect in combination with the temperature in the sauna. This allows you to relax completely. Your mind will clear and for a while you will manage to forget your day-to-day worries.

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