Finnish sauna

  • Traditional Finnish sauna!
  • 75° - 80° Celsius
  • An ideal start to your sauna day

This Finnish sauna with a large reclining platform, on the sauna square, has a humid atmosphere and a temperature of 75 - 80ºC. This sauna is an ideal way to start a series of saunas. If you would like a gentle start, take a spot on one of the lower benches. Because heat rises, the benches higher up are warmer.

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Thousands of years ago the Finnish people started heating their cave dwellings with stones heated in the fire. People discovered by chance that if water was poured over the stones, the steam released provided extra heat. This heat proved beneficial for relaxation, especially after a day of hard work on the land, which is what many people did in those days. The principle of the sauna was born. In the log cabins built in the centuries after that, the people installed real stoves for uniform heat, but put stones on top of them to heat up so that additional heat could be created by pouring water over the stones. Although this heating method was initially borne from practicality, the Finns came to highly appreciate the physical and mental benefits of this heat and in the course of time a sauna culture arose as part of the day-to-day hygiene for body and spirit.

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