• Steam room 50° Celsius
  • Wonderful Eucalyptus aroma
  • Beneficial for the airways!

The Caldarium (Latin for hot water room) is a steam room with benches that maintains an inside temperature of 50 ºC. The atmosphere in this sauna is comfortably warm and humid and the soft colours around you change in a pleasantly relaxed rhythm. The air is scented with invigorating Eucalyptus. 

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The caldarium is one of the indoor saunas. It is a wet sauna room, where you do not take your towel in. After a visit to this steam room you will feel yourself breathing more easily. This is caused by the vapours of the essential eucalyptus oil, which is extracted from the leaves of the medicinal deciduous Eucalyptus tree. The intense scent is beneficial for the airways, but also leaves your skin feeling as soft as silk when you leave the steam room.


The various steam baths we come across in spas these days originate from the Roman Empire. In addition to public bath houses, emperors had more luxurious bath houses built for themselves, decorated with art and equipped with facilities like sport fields, gardens and libraries. There was a set order for visiting the various rooms in the baths, starting with the frigidarium (cold room), followed by the tepidarium (warm room) and ending with the caldarium (hot room). The order for visiting the baths followed by the Romans is still the order recommended by today’s saunas for an optimal experience.

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