Calm your soul in our Asia sauna


Asia sauna

  • New at Thermen Bussloo
  • Therapeutic effect
  • Relaxation Aufguss rituals
  • 85° Celsius

A large Buddha watches over your inner peace in the Asia sauna. The light wooden walls contain the Chinese characters for calm, love, wisdom, prosperity, courage, happiness and longevity. Just listening to the harmonious sounds and gazing up at the subtly changing colours of the starry sky on the ceiling will let you drift off into daydreams.

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The Asia sauna is located on the beautiful, stylish sauna square opened in September 2013. The combination of black marble, wooden elements and stainless steel, opening onto the garden of Thermen Bussloo, give this sauna square a serene atmosphere. The temperature in the Asia sauna is 85°C, with humidity of approximately 15%.


Under the watchful eye of the giant Buddha, relaxation aufguss rituals take place in the Asia sauna each day. Sauna guests can take part in these free of charge.

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