• A good start for a series of saunas!
  • Experience shower
  • With alternating foot baths

In the centre of the sauna square, under the large starry sky, is a piazza with a rondel. The centre of this rondel is an aromatic experience shower. A leisurely walk through this rondel makes a good start for a series of saunas. You experience a pleasant interplay of scents and colours while you feel the drops of the experience shower gently fall on you.

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In the rondel you make your way slowly through an alternating series of cold and warm foot baths. These stimulate your blood circulation and prepare you optimally for the saunas. The stones in these baths stimulate your foot reflex zones so that waste products can be better eliminated.

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  • Frequently asked questions

    Is the water chlorinated?
    At Thermen Bussloo, we really use the purest water. We use highly vital water from our own source. Thermen Bussloo does not use chlorine or acids for purification, but instead uses salt electrolysis.
    What do I need to know about sauna visits and my health?
    A sauna visit is never harmful and offers many benefits for your health. In some cases it may not be a good idea to visit the sauna, however, for instance if you have a fever or an infectious skin condition. In these cases it is important that you ask your doctor or specialist if you have doubts. Read more about contraindications here.
    Can I still redeem my expired gift card?
    Gift cards are valid for 1 year from issue date. If you have not had the chance to redeem your gift card, however, we offer you the possibility of still redeeming your gift card. You can use your expired gift card at the reception of Thermen Bussloo up to 6 months past the validity term stated on the card. A one-time administration fee of € 7.95 is charged for this.