• According to centuries-old Ottoman tradition
  • Fragrant flower bath

In our atmospheric Ottoman Bath House, you will find a crystal steam bath, a salt scrub facility and an herb bath, entirely according to Ottoman tradition. To start, take a seat in the steam bath, to experience the warm humid air. This opens your pores, enabling your body to eliminate waste products more easily. 

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After spending time in the steam bath and rinsing off under a cooling shower, make use of the mineral salt scrubs provided for our sauna guests. These help you exfoliate and remove any dead skin cells. To conclude this ritual, slip into the aromatic flower bath and relax in the soft water. In the alcove above the aromatic flower bath, you will see a large amethyst crystal, also called the stone of contentment, which radiates its serene powers throughout the room.


People in the Middle East recognised centuries ago the healing and relaxing effect of thorough cleansing of the body using heat and water. But the public Ottoman bath houses also had a social function. It provided people with a place to meet up and perhaps have a private chat, muffled by the bubbling of the waters all around. The first bath houses were built in the palaces of sultans and kings. The richly decorated surroundings, full of symbols, served as the inspiration for many of today's hammams and baths in wellness centres.

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