• Enjoy the Aquasound
  • Unique in the Netherlands
  • Quartz crystals

Ultimate relaxation, that is what you find in our beautifully designed and atmospheric Hammam bath. Let your ears dip below the water and enjoy the calming music of the Aquasound. The stone benches around the bath contain quartz crystals which give the water extra energy. Circles of energy in the ceiling bring the electromagnetic field between the water and air in this room in balance.

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Do you want to give your immune system an extra boost? Before entering the warm water, walk through the alternating warm and cold baths located next to the Hammam bath. Or you can opt for the cold rain shower.


Alternating between cold and warm baths has a therapeutic effect on our body. The heat causes blood vessels to expand while the cold causes them to contract. This exercises the blood vessels and maintains optimal circulation. Poor circulation can cause all sorts of problems, such as muscle stiffness, fatigue and joint pain.

Relaxation of the body is beneficial because it reduces all sorts of problems that are rooted in psychological causes. Worries, a busy agenda, not enough sleep: these can all put a healthy body in imbalance. If you consciously seek out relaxation more often, like in a sauna, for instance, you will notice that you feel better in all areas of your health.

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  • Wist u dat...

    ... u in oosterse sferen kunt blijven en een heerlijke hamam-behandeling bij kunt boeken? U wordt gescrubd, ingezeept en heerlijk gemasseerd. Na afloop voelt u zich als herboren.

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