• Various cool-off zones
  • 2 cold plunge pools
  • Both indoor and outdoor

To ensure your series of saunas has the optimal effect, it is important to let your body cool off after each time it warms up. We have various facilities for this both indoors and outdoors at Thermen Bussloo. 

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For instance, we have cold plunge pools, a hose, a rain dancer, a mist shower, rain shower, normal showers, a wooden bucket shower and an ice scrub to cool your body off.


Not afraid of dipping into a cold plunge pool? There are plunge pools at two locations in our garden. A cold bath stimulates blood circulation and helps you cool off after a series of saunas (the Finns often take a dip in a hole cut in the ice). The temperature of the plunge pools is about 5 °C. This is the best way to cool off after your series of saunas.


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  • Frequently asked questions

    Is the water chlorinated?
    At Thermen Bussloo, we really use the purest water. We use highly vital water from our own source. Thermen Bussloo does not use chlorine or acids for purification, but instead uses salt electrolysis.
    What time does the tour take place?
    Non-stop tours starting from the sauna square are provided by our sauna square employees throughout the day.