Admission € 34,50
Weekend admission (Fri-Sat-Sun) € 37,50
Evening admission, after 5.00 pm € 22,50
Evening admission weekend v.a. 17:00 uur 
€ 25,50
Morning admission (9.00 am to 2.00 pm) € 19,50
Weekend morning admission (Fri-Sat-Sun) € 22,50

Please note:

If you check out after 2.00 pm with the morning admission, the regular admission price of €34.50 is charged.


On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the weekend admission price of € 37.50 per person applies.

Holidays and vacations

On public holidays and during vacations, our admission rates may deviate from the rates given above. When you make a reservation you will see the up-to-date prices. Most discount vouchers for Thermen Bussloo cannot be used on holidays or during vacations. Below is a list of all public holidays and vacations recognised by Thermen Bussloo. Click here for a list.

The lower rate for morning admission does not apply during vacations.


Towel service € 8,95
Bathrobe (rental) € 7,95
Bath slippers (purchase) € 7,95
Sauna packet (bathrobe, towels and slippers) € 19,95