House rules

We would like our guests to enjoy their visit to our resort as much as possible. We ask that you kindly obey the following house rules during your visit:

  • Wearing swimwear is not permitted (except on swimwear days).
  • Guests are required to wear slippers. Slippers may not be worn in the saunas however.
  • Guests may not bring their own food and drink.
  • In order to not disturb the peace for other guests, the use of mobile telephones and other electronic equipment is only permitted in the reception area.
  • In order to guarantee the privacy of all our guests, no photos or video footage may be taken.
  • Guests are required to wear bathrobes in the lounge, in the N-Joy restaurant, in the Kelodrome pavilion, on the terraces and in all resting areas.
  • Instructions from Thermen Bussloo employees must be followed. Disruptive conduct, which includes verbal, non-verbal and inappropriate desired and/or professional intimacies or harassment, is not permitted. Guests who fail to obey these rules must leave Thermen Bussloo immediately, after making payment in full.
  • You can store your personal items in your safe. You are not permitted to carry personal bags around our complex. Please use the plastic bags provided by Thermen Bussloo.
  • For hygiene reasons, towels are not permitted in the lounge, N-Joy restaurant and Kelodrome brasserie.
  • Beds, sunbeds, benches and seats cannot be reserved.
  • Water bottles may not be taken into the sauna.
  • In order to guarantee peace and relaxation for all our guests, we would appreciate it if you would observe silence in all our sauna facilities. Talking is allowed in the Panorama sauna, however.
  • The management is not liable for the loss or theft of property or valuables.
  • Smoking is prohibited indoors at Thermen Bussloo and on the terraces. You can use the smoking pavilions/smoking pillars in the garden.
  • Anyone above the age of 12 years is welcome. Guests aged 12 to 16 may only visit Thermen Bussloo if accompanied by an adult. You must be able to show valid identification. We may ask to see this if we have doubts about a person’s age.
  • People younger than 18 are not permitted to use tanning beds.
  • If you have a discount voucher, please submit this upon check-in. If you cannot produce a discount voucher, we do not give a discount.
  • For your own safety, Thermen Bussloo has security cameras in use in the changing room. Footage is only viewed in the event of theft or other violations.